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Curry - "Emotionally imprisoned" and other poems

From our 2019 residency at Groveland Correctional Facility: The following poems come from a young, talented, enthusiastic, and prolific young man named Curry*. Curry co-wrote and performed in our 2019 performance inside the facility.

Enjoy the poems below!


"Emotionally imprisoned"

Feb. 14, 2019

Waiting to make it home, ambushed by Emotions

Imprisoned, I feel alone, star struck from a potion

Gravitating towards your speech, I'm emotionally Imprisoned

If happiness is what you seek, Hear my words, Don't just listen

fighting to keep it steady, In securing my room

Confining til I'm ready, I'll be home soon

Imprisoned for my behavior, and it's valentine's Day

Should I read this now or later, can you hear what I say

Stationed, placed in commission, waiting for your command

your heart and soul, I'm missing, now do you understand

Attracted, rendered bedazzled, weakness is exposed

My heart just stretched, it rattled, cause of you I suppose


"fluent inspiration"

July 14, 2019

mellifluously growing in an aesthetic flow

meticulously knowing where my attention goes

my fluent inspiration I'm delighted to make

an expedition to your heart-Now that's a trip to partake

expressing myself has me me nervous and bold

you're Jenny, I'm Harry, let's see what life has to hold

Inspired through your beliefs, no I'm fluently speaking

The entrance to your heart is my one true seeking

whether it's magically cast or scientifically explained

I won't dwell on the past, I look at you a again

Imagination's the start, my fluent inspiration

you're a world worth of art, the deepest temptation

I can make you laugh and I can make you smile

I can make you cherish that I am worth your while

we can keep this flowing and add to the prediction

Being a part of your life now that's a great description


"Summer's Love"

July 11, 2019

A shocking discovery, Do I answer to fate

My heart's in recovery, There's no room for mistakes

An elegant beauty, cast right out of a movie

As her eyesight moves me, her benevolence soothes me

Ah peculiar tattoo signified by its meaning

Are my feeling taboo, am I awake or am I dreaming

caught in your sight gives me the courage and might

Don't resist, please no fight, I may be someone to like

I've revealed my hand, and as I'm cautious, I stand

Did I fall, Did I land, Should I unravel my plan

you're my precious fantasy, my angelic Dove

Im at the peak of insanity, ooh my Summer's Love

Should I finish off now or just continue with lines

Should I just tell you How I'd like to have you as mines

My plan's just changed, Life's a continuous ring

I think I fell for the Strange, but that's a beautiful thing


*Full name omitted for the privacy of the participant. Please do not use or reproduce without permission.

Other poems below:

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